Rise of Tiamat

Before Tim forgets...

Before I forget in real life and Tim has a senior moment in game, here is what I was thinking about that guy that died getting us the Blue Mask. I know we plan to res him because it’s the right thing to do after he had a moment of conscience and did a heroic thing and blah blah blah, but I was thinking we can do something slightly more strategic. After a long rest I can teleport again a few times and fetch someone trustworthy to res him rather than doing it in town where rumors can spread, and I was thinking we should get a druid so he/she can cast reincarnate. We give this guy a new body, he has a new identity and knowing what he knows can possibly go back in the cult undercover and seek out another mask or some other important objective (what’s the worst that’ll happen… he’ll die again lol). We can report any of his current intel to the council, but to protect his new identity only those who work directly with him will know who he is. Our Metallic allies don’t do too well undercover I’m assuming because they’ll be sniffed out, but maybe one of them would be happy to have this guy work directly for them to do what they cannot? We can hash out where to have this guy work to do the most good, but I think we should Reincarnate rather than Raise Dead.

Also, that dang Efreeti Bottle again. I’m thinking the best place to open it might be outside the tower from last time, then we can walk him back to that room where the baddies were spying on the City of Brass, and another of his kind are trapped down the hall. That just might light a fire (pun intended)…


AndyG1128 dave279

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