Rise of Tiamat

Excerpts from Tim speaking with a Platinum Dragon

Tim: I remember exactly what we were doing right before I got here, which means I know how I got here. I’ve always said that someday when I die I will not plead to live as many others do, but I suppose I am about to make a liar out of myself. I have leagues of kobolds down there that are depending on me. I understand that everyone who dies believes themselves to be unique and irreplaceable, and as reluctant as I am to admit it, perhaps even my role in the struggle against the chromatics could possibly be shouldered by another talented individual. My concern is that I have begun to guide these kobolds down a path, and that it is too soon for me to depart from them as I do not have a suitable replacement, nor are they far enough along the path to guide themselves.

Platinum: I know, I have been hearing the voices of many kobolds lately. This used to be a rarity but as of late more and more of them have begun to speak to me and I recognize this as your influence.

Tim: As tempting as eternal rewards on this plane of existence may sound, I am not ready. I know that if I push the boundaries of my request then I risk your anger, but I humbly…

Platinum: Let me stop your right there because you don’t need my divine intervention today. Your people are making preparations to bring all of you back, and you will be hearing your name called very soon.

Tim: I am thankful.

Platinum: I can tell that you have more to ask me, don’t hesitate because this is your chance.

Tim: Okay, so ever since I got here I have been flooded with my ancestor’s memories of being here before, in fact even of standing here and speaking with you on several occasions. Why do I have his memories and why do I now appear as he did, rather than appear as myself? I understand that the black form may be considered a bit offensive here, but I don’t understand why I feel like more of an amalgam of myself and my ancestor Aurumtimvitae the Gold, than I do of simply myself.

Platinum: The short answer is that you carry what is left of his essence and spirit.

Tim: So he is a part of me?

Platinum: More like he is you, and you are him. Do you remember why he left here?

Tim: I remember that I… er, I mean he was furious at the mortals for making the dragons go mad, and that he was not only a staunch opponent of dragons ever changing their ways in the slightest, he was practically the spokesperson for that ideal. He believed that dragons would do best to separate themselves completely from mortals and their affairs on the material plane, and persuaded many others that he was correct. He would not listen to you, so you told him that he had to spend time with mortals and learn why he was incorrect. And then…

Platinum: And then still defiant, he challenged those who were responsible for what had been done to us rather than to heal past wounds. He mounted a campaign allied with dragonborn, half-dragons, and other like-minded dragons that did a LOT of damage, and as a response the mortals performed magic that destroyed his mind and then they quickly killed what was left of him. He was mourned by many, to include his mate who was a very adept spellcaster and a black scaled dragonborn. She tried to bring him back but could not. She knew that she carried his heirs as her eggs, but what she did not understand was that what very little that was left of him was bound to the living blood in his heirs as a result of her attempts at restoring him. This was centuries ago, and although the first generation would have been expected to have had physical traits of gold they appeared only as black dragonborn of her line, and of the subsequent kin nobody has manifested anything as you have.

Tim: If I understand correctly, I am him only because part of his spirit endured, and since there is no longer a “him” to be “him,” than I carry that mantle? Also, I notice that we’re not talking about the fact that I’m in the form of a full-fledged ancient gold dragon at the moment. I know that I have had many gold traits emerging up until the point of my death, which body is my real form?

Platinum: That depends on the work that you are doing. Your understanding of you being both you and your ancestor is about as correct and accurate as can be described in our short discussion, but I will tell you that since you are going back to do the work of Balefire the Black than it will be that form in which you will take. I will advise you that the more you grow, the more of what is left of Aurumtimvitae’s spirit grows with you. He will never be restored, but you will grow as he would have, and you even have the potential to restore that bloodline as it should have been.

Tim: I know our time here is short but as long as we are talking bloodlines I have one more thing to ask. My ancestor was bold and has crossed you, and I don’t plan on making the same mistake. I know that you know of what I have started with the chromatic eggs which I consider about one of the boldest things that I could have done. Am I out of line?

Platinum: If you had asked me this question during a stable time when we’d experienced no mixture of mortal magics and there was not a massive support of chromatic power by mankind’s evil designs than I would have advised you to cease as it would disrupt a balance of harmony. That balance has already been massively disrupted and only progressed to become far worse, and your efforts may be a long term investment to help put things back together and make them right again someday. I fully expect significant blowback, possibly even during your mortal lifetime, but the risk is acceptable and I know that there are older and wiser dragons aiding you in this task who also believe this may be a step in putting broken pieces back together, even with the foreknowledge that the reaction to this will indeed be severe.

Tim: Umm, about my mortal lifetime and the immediate threat…

Platinum: Yes, it is more likely than not that you will soon be here again under similar circumstances. Try not to do it too many times, you do not have an unlimited number of trips back and forth…


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