Rise of Tiamat

Life purpose and crap

From a Dragonkind

A persons life is counted by something. Mine happens to be teeth. Teeth I have received so I could eat another meal or teeth that came from defending life (mine or others). This has been forever changed in my life, and I am not sure how I feel about this…
Let’s start from the beginning… Well not really the beginning. That would have been 25 years ago and I don’t want to write that much. So let’s start in the middle.
My companions and I were summoned to a feast. I really wasn’t in the mood to go be with people especially since sparky wasn’t able to come with me, but I was hungry so I went anyway. I was just setting in to eat a big chunk of roast beast when the roof was ripped off! I was looking up at 4 chromatic a (only blue had skipped out of the feast). In just seconds (I wasn’t even able to get a good mad going) everything went REALLY calm. I mean I was calm but a piece of me I have never noticed before was wildly angry… Then it was gone… I felt like some part of me was missing.. This might lead to trouble.
I looked up and I was in a room. This was a long room kinda like a hallway. No not a hallway, just a room. But this room was lined with doors. Ugh. Is this a puzzle? I HATE puzzles… I start looking around to see how I can get out of here and get back to… Well whatever I was doing before I got here. In the middle of the this room is a long table at this table was 2 dragons… One is Tim. Gold Tim. The other is sparky… No not sparky… It’s a much older much bigger more platinum sparky… Where is sparky… Is that anger.. No sad… Yes that’s it… That is sadness… This will definitely be a problem. Wait… I know that other dragon… Crap… Tim told me his name.. He’s the one that showed up at the dragon light head thing…. When I wake up I have to start listening… The ancient starts to laugh like he can hear me.. I focus In on their conversation… Oh crap Tim is having one of his serious conversations… Maybe he hasn’t seen me… Can I get away before… Crap they both turn and look at me… Spotted guess I’ll sit down.
“… Try not to do it too many times, you do not have an unlimited number of trips back and forth…” The ancient was saying. Only time would want to come back to a puzzle room…
Then the ancient turns to me. Selina dragonkind. I turn and look behind me… “Me? It’s Selina Earthwanderer.”
“that may be your earth name but your true name is Dragonkind. But in time you will find out all about that. For now we need to talk about why you are here.”
“well… Let me think… Before I was here I was… Eating… No… I was about to eat but sparky…” Sadness again… Big trouble… “Couldn’t come in.. No warning… The roof was gone… Dead… That’s what I have been looking for… I’m dead… And my companions… Tim is here so he is dead… I don’t see anyone else…”
“they are all dead… Sparky was able to stay alive until the other metallics got there. The town is workings on raising all of you”
“I actually don’t like the not dead dead… I would rather…”
“Do not worry little one. You will be very much alive. Now, for what we need to discuss before you leave. I have been watching you-”
“Are you related to uncle… No that doesn’t sound right… But he said the same thing… Hmmm… There really wasn’t much to watch I was HORRIBLE at negotiations. I wasn’t any better with the tribes… I mostly spent time alone… Alone, that’s what I should have done eaten alone… I still haven’t found my place… I don’t know what I will do once Tiamat and the cult are stopped… I’ve only felt at home with the metallics … But I suppose-” Gold Tim does his too much gesture… “Oh, right sorry”
The ancient laughs a little. “You are here so we can talk about your purpose.”
“ohh, well that’s easy… I don’t have one.” I see Tim roll his eyes.
“Oh, but you do… You just have to choose to accept it. And now is that time.” He turns to Tim, “Speaking of time, it’s yours to go back.”
“your purpose. I need someone like you. Someone who lives in the world but also lives with the dragons. I need someone to be a guide for others who work with the dragons and help the world get over their prejudices of the dragons specifically with the new chromatics.”
“I actually don’t understand. But it sounds like I will be negotiating the existence between dragons and people… Did I mention that I was HORRIBLE at negotiations?”
“This will be different. If you accept your purpose then you will have my guidance and the help of others. You work with the dragons better than any other right now. And you already have their trust. This is you purpose.”
“yeah ok I’ll do it. Sounds good. I’m hungry.” Just then a plate shows up. Yum. We continue our conversation over dinner. I am told what exactly he wants from me and that I will be a great bridge between people and dragons… Great. After some time I am told it is time to go. I go out of the door Tim left through. The next thing I know is a flood of emotions. The missing link is reconnected.
I can feel Sparky. He is close. Everything is kinda hazy, but it is a comfortable haze. Over the next few days Sparky shows me what is going on in the city along with what has happened since we were dead… Good grief Protanther really overreacted!


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