Rise of Tiamat

Tessa's Personal Journal

Date: Skyreach Castle

I have traveled and fought for several 10 day with this group. It is comforting to have a mission with companions for a change. One wearies of having only her own thoughts for company after a time. Best yet, these are comrades I mostly trust.

LeShanna Nailo and I see the world from similar perspectives. She is also a member of The Order Of The Gauntlet but with more experience than I. Of course being an elf means she has lived two or more lifetimes to my one. I love hearing stories of her adventures, her father’s military conquests, and other elven tales of glory and valor. I hope she and I will become battle comrades, good friends, and have shared stories to tell…….

Sylina Earthwander is a halfling barbarian I travel with. She has a fire in her eyes and a fierceness in battle I have never seen before. Combat will change her eyes to those of the wild bear and she has a rage that is truly frightening. Barbarians must be formidable foes if they all fight as she does. You always knows where she stands on a issue. She has a frankness that is refreshing, if not always the wisest choice while sizing up the situation. I envy her closeness of family while growing up……..

Balefire the Wicked (aka Tim) is my third companion. His title should be changed to Balefire the Formerly Wicked since his encounter with orphaned human babies. I’m so inspired by his tale of seeing innocence in an infant and it’s power to unharden the wicked heart. His powers of sorcery greatly weaken the enemy so they fall beneath our blows with less effort……..

My last group member is Stump, a Half Orc fighter. He is incredibly strong and an asset on the battlefield. However, I’m not sure I entirely trust him. He says nothing of his background, his alliances, or motives. Perhaps the distrust stems from my time in captivity but it would be helpful to know why he is on this mission……….

I have grave misgivings about Hazirawn the Great-sword. I feared its power from the moment I claimed it from Rezmir’s dead claw. Any magic weapon created for an Orc King can bring only woe. It has a blood lust that doubles normal damage by creating rot and decay (game terms=necrotic). My first reaction was to put it aside for later destruction. The soul within the blade revels in bloodletting and will corrupt all who weld it. Kelemvor once again has other plans for my life. This weapon is to be a satin upon my soul until the cultists are vanquished or I fail this mission. I must spend more time in prayer to devise a plan that protects my companions should Hazirawn overpower my will. I shall follow my god’s directives or die trying.


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