Rise of Tiamat

The Fall of Tiamat-Aftermath

What happens after the death of a god

The Butcher’s Bill

Many a great battle has been fought, but no matter the outcome, win or lose, the Butcher’s bill must be paid. What follows is a list of the lost. In addition to this list 70% of all living Metallic Dragons and 75% of all living Chromatics perished in the fighting. In fact, most of the Chromatics still alive are the few who did not meet at the Well for what ever reason.

The List of the Dead

The Dragon Council

The Alliance

Know Cultists and Enemies Dead

Missing and Presumed Dead


The True Ancient

Before his death after taking the full force of one of Tiamat’s breath attacks,Nymmurh had the opportunity to use his last strength to remove the memory blocks from those around him. Doing so exposed him as the True ancient and former leader of the Dragon Council. He was also the only bronze currently alive to have the power to see the streams of time. He explained his actions, as he could, by showing each how he had helped shape their lives into what they were to become, with the exception of Linara Greystone He did not foresee her or Grond’s addition to the party, but without them, it would have been a disaster. For her help, he told her of Mystra’s Spell book on the newly unhidden Island of Dracosee’ere. This spell book would help her identify the spell she needed to restore her husband from the in-between where he now resides.

There is more to The Ancient’s tale, but that will take time to “unpack” in the adventurer’s minds.


There may be others that are named dead or missing, please edit and pay tribute to the lost

The Fall of Tiamat-Aftermath
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