Old White Death? More like Old White Dead...


The white dragon Arauthator haunts the Sea of Moving Ice like an avenging wind. Personifying the brutality and savagery of his kind, Arauthator is a solid ally of the Cult of the Dragon, and can be counted on to be present at the Well of Dragons when Tiamat makes her triumphant return from the Nine Hells.

Arauthator’s chief lair is beneath a remote peak known as Lonefang Mountain, but he maintains a number of smaller lairs among the icebergs that drift with the seasonal tides in the Sea of Moving Ice.

More than a century ago, during one of the cyclical periods of draconic violence known as the Rage of Dragons, Arauthator joined with a dozen other dragons in attacking the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. Their assault toppled the west arm of the tower, and Arauthator was seen scooping up numerous items of great magical importance and power, including at least three tomes of rare spells.

Arauthator’s iceberg lair serves primarily as a meeting ground for him and his mate, the ancient white dragon Arveiaturace (“the White Wyrm”).




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