General LeSeAn Nailo

High General and Commander of the Armies of the Misty and high Forest


Leader of the main Elven armies, LeSeAn Nailo is the father LeShanna Nailo, member of the party. He is a no nonsense commander that has always placed the welfare of his army over the risky maneuvers of those younger commanders in his leadership structure.

As a line commander during the Retreat, he swore to never make the same mistakes the current leaders of the army were making as they threw soldier after soldier to their deaths against the Orcs, Giants, and Dragons. While not risk averse, he will take a great deal of convincing that any plan to attack the cult is not suicidal.

One of two people the party informs of cultist infiltration of Neverember and Ravenguard’s
staff. The party also tells him the Wearer of the Green is Nerinvein, lost son of the Elven King Melandrach.



General LeSeAn Nailo

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