Lerustah Half-face

Captain of the Frostskimmer


Frostskimmr is captained by a human male known as Lerustah Half-face. The right half of
his face was left a scarred ruin from severe frostbite suffered years ago on the Sea of Moving Ice. He keeps a leather hood drawn across his face most of the time, both for warmth and so as not to frighten children. Lerustah is a brave explorer and a skilled sailor.
Frostskimmr is a light longship with a shallow draft, driven by a single sail or by oars when necessary.
The combination of wind and oar power is needed for picking a course through close-packed ice. Despite the ship’s length of nearly sixty feet, it is still light enough to be lifted by its forty crew members if it becomes hemmed in by ice. The ship is open to the air, but the crew rig sailcloth shelters across the deck to keep away the wind and sleet and hold in some warmth.



Lerustah Half-face

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