Lord Dagult Neverember

Lord of Neverwinter


Lord Neverember holds many titles and wears several crowns. He is the Open Lord
of Waterdeep, the Lord Protector of Neverwinter, and leader of the Lords’ Alliance. He looks the part of such an impressively titled figure: tall and broad-shouldered, with a thick beard, a wild mane of hair, and a forceful manner.Rarely seen without his hand around a glass of strong spirits, he is a master manipulator and looks and behaves as a king should. Dagult demands order and rewards discipline, but he is pragmatic and driven by results above all else. He knows that nothing comes without effort, and sacrifices must be made when necessary. Tireless in his actions, he never stops until he has achieved his goals. He will use any means at his disposal, as long as those means are legally justifiable—even when such justification must be “rediscovered” from long-forgotten or ignored laws.

He is grateful to the party for donating the dragonhord treasure to off set expenses from fighting the cultists. Also deputizes the party, giving us emergency investigative powers and a writ as proof of such. We leave with a stern warning not to abuse said powers. We must report progress to the council periodically.

The party declined telling him of the cultist plant in his mist. Remilla can handle that.



Lord Dagult Neverember

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