Maccath the Crimson


The Arcane Brotherhood is a league of mages based in the city of Luskan at the fabled Hosttower of the Arcane. The Hosttower is an academy for the best and brightest mages of Faerun. Only the most promising are accepted as members in the Arcane Brotherhood, and only members of the order can study at the Hosttower. Maccath the Crimson was one of those best and brightest when she journeyed to the Hosttower seeking admission. Her knowledge of dragon lore and draconic relics was already vast, but she wanted to know more about the dragons’ magic. Even though she gained access to the accumulated lore of the Arcane Brotherhood, Maccath concluded that some questions could be answered only by dragons—and that questions about the magic stolen from the Hosttower during
the last Rage of Dragons could be answered only by Arauthator. Maccath set sail on an expedition to learn those answers three years ago and hasn’t been heard from since.

Maccath reported her progress to the Hosttower by way of sending spells. Her last report spoke of seeing Ice Hunters paddling their sealskin boats toward a huge iceberg, flattened like a plateau across its surface, but ringed by icy peaks. She had intended to follow the Ice Hunters and investigate the iceberg. After that, no more reports came.

“Attempts to find Maccath using scrying and other magical means located only her ship, adrift and heavily damaged. Some of the ship’s crew were seen dead, but no sign of the tiefling sorcerer was ever found. However, the lair of a dragon as powerful as Arauthator is no doubt protected against scrying magic. If Maccath is alive, in addition to the lore she can share regarding the Draakhorn, the Arcane Brotherhood would be most grateful to get her back."



Maccath the Crimson

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