Ice Toad Scholar?


The average ice toad is smart, but their leader Marfulb is exceptional. Her knack for organization and governance had no outlet until her path crossed Arauthator’s on the Sea of Moving’ Ice, and she has served as the seneschal of Oyaviggaton for the four decades since. Not even Arauthator understands the workings of Oyaviggaton as well as Marfulb, who knows the contents and value of every pack, chest, and heap of coins in the iceberg down to the last copper piece.

In addition to data about Arauthator—his treasures, mating habits, and epic battles with frost giants and other monsters—the information amassed by the ice toads includes exhaustive details on the ever-changing Sea of Moving Ice, the weather north of the Spine of the World, and the culture of the elusive Ice Hunters. Marfulb feels great satisfaction in her life’s work, but she knows too little about society south of the Spine of the World to sense its full importance.




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