Ancient Silver Dragon


First seen by the party as Elia

The representative of the silver dragons believes that among the lesser races, neither good nor bad is ever absolute. The humanoids are in need of protection and guidance, and should be shown Bahamut’s righteous way of living rather than ignored and treated as children. If the dragons refuse to engage the humanoids and focus only on their own advancement, the humanoids will persist in making the same mistakes again and again.

Otaaryliakkarnos’s faith in the potential of humanoids has something of a blind spot when it comes to dwarves, however. She resents the dwarves for their Dragonmoots of old—great hunts during which clans would come together to end the perceived threat of a particular dragon. Centuries before, Otaaryliakkarnos’s niece was killed in a Dragonmoot, and with the long ancestral memory of the metallic dragons, she holds all dwarves responsible.




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