Gold Dragon


Protanther is the leader of the council. A former King ofJustice—a royal title among the gold dragons—he does not care for humanoids, particularly humans and elves. Though he sees both good and bad in the lesser races, he believes that their capacity for attaining great power despite their physical limitations makes them dangerous. For all their capability, humanoids have little time to learn the wisdom to direct that capability.

The gold dragon knows that many of the world’s most blighted creatures descend from humans who bargained with dark forces for power, including yuan-ti and tieflings. He considers the cycle of failed human civilizations across Faerun as a sign of a quintessential flaw in human nature. Moreover, he is quick to point out that humans make up the majority of evil archmages and liches—including Sammaster, who founded the Cult of the Dragon, and Szass Tam’s Red Wizards. Even the current leader of the Cult of the Dragon, Severin, and a majority of the cult’s members are human.




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