Remallia Raventree

Harper representative to the Council of Waterdeep


The elf noble Remallia—“Remi” to her friends—is the Harper’s leading delegate to the Council of Waterdeep. She is quiet, speaking only after others have had their turn, and is content to let events unfold until she feels a need to offer intervention and guidance. This embodies her attitude about combating the cult as well.

Sent the party on a mission to find Varram the White. Her husband was assassinated by a cultist plant named Arthagast Ulbrinter. The party delivered Varrum to her and also told her of cultist plants in Neverember and Ravenguard’s groups. We also warned her that Nerinvein, King Melandrach’s lost son, is the Green Mask Wearer.



Remallia Raventree

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