Varram the White


Varram the White is a close ally and confidant of Severin, but the Cult of the Dragon leader is unaware of how his old friend’s actions have threatened the cult’s plans. Varram is, or rather was the White Wyrmspeaker. With their recent trek through the Tomb of Dimerous, the Heroes captured Varram and “convinced” him to tell all he knows. The fallen wyrmspeaker accepts his status as the party’s prisoner—if only because he knows that Severin will kill him if he makes any attempt to return to the cult.. He was in the Tomb to use the Pool of Divination to find his missing White Dragon Mask. Varram grudgingly admitted that he saw the white mask in the pool—and that it has already been found and reclaimed by the cult, and is presently at the Well of Dragons and is being worn by Talis the White.

He tells the party:
*White Mask last seen in his library.
*The divination pool reveled that Talis now has it.
*Location of Varram’s stronghold.
*Cultists have been recalled to The Well of Dragons. They plan to call Tiamat to the world. Time for this unknown to him.
*The Well of Dragons is a day and a half ride from Greenrest.
*There are plants from cult working for Lord Neverember and Marshal Ravenguard.
*Remi’s husband was assassinated by a cultist plant.



Varram the White

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