Rise of Tiamat

Balefire's Correspondence-Speech notes

This is a transcript that was received by council members and ancillary staff either in the form of letter, or face to face before the party set out regarding his official stance on the giant’s recent visit. There are a few letters that Balefire wrote as well as many meetings attended in person, and over the next few days they will be posted here (after they are DM approved lol).
See below:

It has come to be a concerning matter amongst many that there have been discussions over the possibility of our kingdom returning to the giants a partition of land that they have laid claim to. I would like to start by addressing what makes this vastly different from most land disputes, and that is that this one is both mobile and capable of being used as a great weapon.

It is not now, nor has it ever been policy to research every bit of land, every piece of property, and every trinket that had once belonged to another and return it, and in this instance, the spoil of war in which they had lost many centuries ago will not simply be turned over because they have made a claim. Were this the case, we would then insist that we audit their kingdom; really all kingdoms, for any property which may or may not have a distant claim related to it. There are forests that were once swamps, barren lands that were once great kingdoms, and even their great kingdom of giants is on land that primeval inhabitants could claim was an ancestor’s sacred land. We honour such requests with dignity, with compassion, and with a respect that there may be some hurt feelings on all sides, but it is our policy to not budge even an inch, as this would lead to our people who we have sworn to protect being taken advantage of.

There have been some who believe that if we did give this back, then we would gain the giant’s support against the dragon cult. I do hope to persuade you that I have a firm understanding of the hierarchy of structure that their kingdom uses, and I have a keen insight into the ways of their king, as it is the same as past kings. If we were to give them the land, they would not feel any obligation to help us, in fact we would be soon be an afterthought. To consider this line of thought however, if we were to ever want the giant’s help in a future matter, we could perhaps use this as a bargaining chip as a future reward. Land transactions, as we well know, do occur frequently after many great battles amongst allies, and if it ever came to it we could consider leveraging our position to gain their assistance against a common enemy. Did not the “INSERT HISTORICAL ARMY/ KINGDOM HERE” reward the “INSERT KINGDOM/ TRIBE HERE” with the coveted track of lands by the “INSERT LANDMARK/RIVER” after they helped in the “INSERT FAMOUS CONFLICT” allied campaign struggle? I am not suggesting that we do this, but this should be the only way we would ever consider giving it back. Consider this; one does not pay a laborer a daily wage without terms and then go on to afterwards request that they work, because the worker will have no reason other than their integrity to perform, rather they define what the work will be and only after the service has been provided, the reward is then given.

Giants value strength and they despise weakness. This may seem contrary to the beliefs of many, but our relationship with them will actually be BETTER if we stand up to them, and worse in the long run if we show our bellies. There are some that are concerned that not giving them what they want will result in armies of giants at our gates at a time when we are already busy with the dragon cult. If this were to be the case, then all the more reason to not give them such a weapon! The very idea that it is a possibility that they might attempt such an action would be a symptom of a greater problem that is inherent to their people, which is even more evidence that we should not give them a floating platform in which to drop boulders from!

In closing, we have already assimilated this land and are utilizing it already as a tool in which to strengthen the defense of our kingdom. We stand for the forces of good, the ideals of the fair and just, and we will be a compassionate neighbor to all kingdoms whether they associate with our values or not. The preclusion of the use of land is not a preclusion of resources, and while many great kingdoms may disagree over small matters from time to time, we aim to stand shoulder to shoulder (even shoulder to knee in some cases) alongside those who do not want evil outside forces such as the dragon cult to disrupt the delicate balance that it has taken generations to attain.


Tessa doesn’t understand most of this but backs Belfire unconditionally. That Dragonborn knows his legalize!

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