Rise of Tiamat

Field Notes of Avenger Tessa VanSilgar

For the Council of Waterdeep

Mission: Find Wyrmspeaker Varram and the White Dragon Mask
Destination: Serpent Hills, Boareskyr Bridge

Day 3: We arrive at Bolo’s Tentside Inn at the foot of Boareskyr Bridge. Bolo’s intel: halfling male, States thata purple robed dwarf was seen at the Inn a few ten day ago. Looking for escorts to lead him into the Hills. Stabbed a scaled folk to death before leaving. Locals believe Varram to be a hero because they think the scaled folk was a spy. Suspect left the Inn with 12 companions consisting of humans. dwarfs, and elves.

We pursue this group. Fight a gang consisting of 1 hill giant and 11 lizard folk. No useful intel on bodies.

Day 4: Find a passage to the Underdark. Left it unexplored. See map for location and opening directions. The shadow of a white dragon passes over us as we travel.
Find Diderius’ Tomb. See map for location and complete description. Find possible campsite of cultists. Fresh fire pit and three bedrolls and seven shallow graves. Investigation of the graves reveal torn apart bodies, 3-4 days old, all wearing cultist insignia. A blood trail leads to the well. Investigation of well shows hand holds leading to a troll sized opening inside the well. Did not climb down.

A party member approached the tomb. Statue heads turn toward her and say " Halt before Diderius. Which do you seek, wisdom or knowledge." She answered wisdom and an opening appeared. Inside was a magnificent tomb with gilded carvings and silver censers. The opening was too small to enter but we phased through when touching it. The tomb was an illusion. It turned into an ancient ruin when touched. At tomb’s end are double doors ajar and damaged.

Behind the doors lie a hallway lined with six statues of cowled wizards and signs of battle between cultists and skeletons. Sylina enters hallway and hears a voice in her head saying," Some secrets are not to be known. Look away from the dark. She and Tim light up the hallway and enter. Upon entering their heads are filled with the secrets of the universe. She runs and screams with madness while Tim stands silent and stunned. This passes quickly and we all proceed down hallway while avoiding looking at the statues.

The third chamber is highly ornate, with two exits and a mosaic depicting a knight and chimera in combat. As we enter the room, the chimera comes to life and assumes a fighting stance. The beast is a magical trap made of tile and resistant weapon attacks. We win a hard earned battle and the beast once again becomes a part of the floor. During the combat we are joined by Harper agent Randell, who was planted with Varram’s gang. Randell tells us the evil one is using a divination pool to scry the location of the White Mask. Varram is also working with demons. We rest the night in the SAFE room.

Day 4: We awake to two trolls attacking. They came out of the well in SAFE room. They were easily defeated.

It is decided to pull down copper double doors. They reveal an unsafe looking tunnel. We crawl in with Tim preforming Mending to stabilize the ceiling. This leads to the divination pool room. There we see sign of battle, with Yun-ti arrows and cultist bodies and one body in the pool that perished from a Dragontooth dagger. Drag marks lead from the pool to double doors.

Behind the doors we find a tomb. It contains the sarcophagus of Didderious and wall decorated with frescoes of the Lost Gods of Netheril and Anauria. Silvan warns us not to touch them. As we approach the sarcophagus Diderious speaks.“You approach Diderous in repose. I know what you seek. Yun-ti have taken the one you seek. I will open the portal in the North wall. Prepare for peril.” As the doors open he says, “Leave me to my rest.”

Upon entering we encounter 6 Lizard Folk playing cards instead of guarding. They are easily defeated. One is captured and tells us that Varrum is being sacrificed by the Yun-ti, who the Lizard Folk are being forced to serve. He also gives us the way to the temple. We consider freeing the captive until he tells us his people offered live sacrifices to the pool before the Yun-ti arrived. He is killed for his past evils.

Next we follow the directions through dark passages, past deep caverns, and over slick bridges. At last we find the door leading to the foul temple of the Yun-ti. The scene is one of sick nightmares. The temple is large, with many stone columns, serpents painted upon the walls, many Lizard Folk and Yun-ti, and at the far end was an alter. A badly injured Varrum lay upon it with priestess ready to strike the killing blow with her Dragontooth dagger while and abomination looked on. She strikes a deal with us. We can take Varram if there is no bloodshed by our group. She even shows us a safe route out. We leave unharmed and with the object of our mission.

Day 5: Varram awakes. I cast Zone of Truth and we get the following intel:
*White Mask last seen in his library.
*The divination pool reveled that Talis now has it.
*Location of Varram’s stronghold.
*Cultists have been recalled to The Well of Dragons. They plan to call Tiamat to the world. Time for this unknown to him.
*The Well of Dragons is a day and a half ride from Greenrest.
*There are plants from cult working for Lord Neverember and Marshal Ravenguard.
*Remi’s husband was assassinated by a cultist plant.


Good details! The only thing I would argue is “easily defeated” when referring to the Trolls! They interrupted my sleep, and that makes me a cranky dragonborn!

AndyG1128 AndyG1128

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