Rise of Tiamat

Field Notes of Tessa VanSligar Part 2

Mission: Find Maccath the Crimson and the Draakhorn

The journey to Oyaviggaton was mostly uneventful, except for a battle with an Octopus attack. We quickly put an end to the beast. Captain Lerustah and his crew preformed admirably and quickly carried us to the iceberg……..

Once there, we saw local watercraft tethered to the iceberg and a village at the summit. Also, we saw a huge pile of bones, both animal and human. Upon the bones were very large teeth marks. We suspect this is a refuse pile from Arauthator’s former meals…..

We approach the village to find approximately 20 structures and see 20-30 occupants of various age ranges. Three members of the Ice Hunter tribe approach us, Chief Barking Seal, Shaman Bonecarver, and tribe Champion Orcaheart. They refuse to answer questions until their champion fights one of our group. Sylina fights for our group, easily besting Orcaheart despite cheating on his part. Bonecarver then escorts us to her tent and offers us poisoned fish for dinner. We see through her deception and demand answers…..

She proceeds to tell us her sad tale of Arauthator’s oppression of her tribe. Old White Death has commanded her people to protect his lair upon pain of being his next meal. Her dishonorable actions were to drive us away so her tribesman wouldn’t be eaten. Bonecarver also reveals her visions of heroes coming to defeat the dragon and freeing her people. Believing us to be those heros, she tells us of Maccath, perils within the dragon’s lair, and shows us a back way in…….

We enter the home of Old White Death and quickly find Maccath. She tells us that the dragon considers her part of his hoard and will not willingly allow her to leave. The Teifling also tells of five humans parlaying with the dragon shortly after she arrived and leaving with the Draakhorn. Reluctantly, we realize the only way to complete this mission is to fight and defeat the dragon. Maccath says this isn’t his main lair and perhaps severely wounding him will be enough.

We formulate a plan and Maccath calls old White Death. He comes to us and battle ensues. It is a hard fight but the dragon is defeated. Maccath deals the final blow.

After the battle we seek the Ice Toads. Maccath tells us of their great intellgence , knowledge of the Draakhorn, and their intel about Arauthator. Marflub, the Seneschal of Oyaviggaton, agrees to accompany us to Waterdeep and share his knowledge with the council during these troubled times……


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