Rise of Tiamat

Just under the wire, copy/pasted Balefire&Kobolds

Just got this DM approved, it was intended to be Balefire’s other correspondence that I was going to post all pretty like the last one, but real life got busy so we get bullet points from our emails instead. I am sharing mostly because the roleplayer in me feels it would be incomplete for me to not at least address Balefire’s objectives with the kobolds and his intended training for them. It may not get started right away, but Sharky is encouraged to get as much done as possible before the group gets back.

- Playing on the “humans are everyone’s second best friend,” and the way that the kobolds have actually gotten along well and shared crude humor with many, he wanted to have a few training exercises run alongside humans and would have petitioned to a few local Captains to get this going.
- The Kobolds would be split into two distinct groups based on their talents. The sneaky ones would form a group called “Snakes in the Grass,” and the deceptive ones who calculate from a distance would be the “Sky Wing.”
- The Snakes in the Grass would be on the battlefield, but their role is not damage since there are numerous phalanxes of men with large spears for that, rather they take advantage of the confusion, their small size, and their stealth to run supplies in the middle of battle. The goal is to have the exercises get the men and kobolds used to each other, as they run healing potions (and whatever else they are loaded up with) to their intended recipients and quickly deliver. They will be trained to move in and out of ranks to aid the fallen if needed, or occasionally interrupt what would otherwise have been a killing blow to an ally from sight unseen.
- The Sky Wing would take advantage of the floating castle, and as a part of diplomacy Balefire would welcome a few squads of humans to set up ballistas and catapults so that they can practice hitting targets from high in the air, while Sharky gets the practice positioning the island for them to have ideal and repeatable results (ie a human tower guard with moderate eyesight can hit the same spot in the field with a crossbow every time as long as he is standing on the circle he pre-painted and lines up the weapon along the notches in the wall exactly as intended… the idea is to extend this premise to the war machines on the island). With humans now in the sky they will rely on the Sky Wing to see human ranks in ways that they never have before. Since the kobolds have survived by breaking down the stronger until they are weak enough to strike, they will be able to use this principle to find ways to augment the ground forces, and at times predict where they would strike if they were the enemy. While the human’s role on the island will be to bomb targets below and obliterate them, the kobolds will identify weaknesses and manage the solutions. When the archer lines appear to be isolated, here comes a parachute with arrows. A Warg cavalry and Goblin infantry is advancing down there, no problem, here come caltrops by the hundred! The kobolds will eventually outlive their usefulness up here as humans get used to their solutions, and the humans would also outlive their usefulness as the kobolds learn to use the war machines, but that won’t be for a long time, and in Balefire’s mind when this happens they can just build double the amount of ballistas and put them all to work doing the same thing (waaay later).

Sorry, I had to write this hastily and last minute since it got pretty busy this week, but I pretty much hoped to get across that the kobolds understand that whatever nation’s wall they happen to live near, they need to support, and also that Balefire see’s how to well implement them and the island into the defense strategy, and wants to start running drills now rather than wait until it’s too late to consider such things. If you want I can post this as-is and just include this last part about how I’m sorry it was last minute and sloppy lol


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