Rise of Tiamat

Linara's Research Notes

Back on the boat. Studied Maccath’s research from her 3 years in the horde of Arauthator. Lots of ancient magic I have never seen before. Her notes on book #46 look promising….

6 days of research has yielded nothing. Perhaps if I wasn’t constantly being interrupted to make a ridiculous flying broom….

I’ve found a symbol on a loose page of parchment that matches a symbol in Aramis’ book! Symbol is also present in book #46. Neither Maccath nor I can decipher it, but I feel we are getting closer….definitely worth almost being killed by a dragon!

Back in town. Maccath suggests we consult Dala of the Arcane Brotherhood for assistance. Look forward to being amongst scholars again.

Research superseded by politics. Why my presence is needed at a council meeting is beyond me. For once I agree with Sylina….I am bored!

Unbelievable experience with dragons! Fearsome and wondrous at the same time! Too much to write (see daily journal #6 for details). Important points: 1 – need to brush up on my draconic, and 2 – Ileuthra, the brass dragon (who shares my affinity for knowledge) presented me with an amazing book that will require all my concentration. Can’t wait to start!

Not again! Yet another adventure beckons, but no! I refused to go and remained to study the dragon’s book….knowledge is more important than fighting…

Success! A rune in the brass dragon’s book was the key to deciphering the unknown symbol…most interesting, possibly disturbing…rituals touching the nine hells? Must consult Maccath….if I am right (and I surely am), we will have much to discuss if the party returns alive.

My cloak of eyes sees all….and not all is good. I will record the fragments I have translated in case something happens to me…too important to lose…

rivers of blood
the masks that is one


I am so glad that at least one of us attended DnD Hogwarts! Tim may be no stranger to magic, but ooooh all that pouring through esoteric texts and deciphering ancient passages is far better off in the hands of you scholarly types!

Linara's Research Notes
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