Rise of Tiamat

Shhh... it's a secret!

Balefire’s PC Meeting(s):
As you all probably know, my character usually takes care of some housekeeping/ kobold issues between adventures and would have invited all of you guys to a secret”ish” meeting to discuss his agenda. We know that we plan on doing an important hedgemaze/castle quest before heading out to see the Red Wizards in Thay, and Balefire would want you guys to be informed on what he plans to do as a side mission so there are no surprises. Thay might not be the greatest place in Faerun, and slavery which is legal there miiight be a bad thing (trust me, I’m going somewhere with this), but Balefire is planning on spending most of his available gold on as many kobold slaves as he can (if they are even available). The kobolds at Skyreach are already making room and setting up extra bunks, and at Bahamut church they are being made ready to be good mentors to all incoming kobolds. Balefire is doing the pious praying thing that perhaps divinely the right kobolds will just happen to fall into his ranks. If we march back from Thay with anywhere from one kobold to several dozen kobolds, that is not the kind of thing I could hide from you all, and I also don’t want to be sneaky around you guys while I’m getting quotes and doing business on the side, in fact I might even ask one or more of you reeeally nicely to tag along to help out.
Another thing that Balefire would not hide from the party is that he and Tessa have spoken together on the possibility of opening the Efreeti bottle one time to ascertain the temperament and nature of whomever is bound to it (barring any of the rarer percentile rolls or DM’s discretion, there would be two more bottle openings left afterwards so this is fairly safe). It might come that the Efreeti won’t be much use at all, but if there’s a possibility that he’s a decent fit, perhaps the second or third opening would be in the presence of a council member whose side he and a few of his like may be persuaded on augmenting for the right price? Perhaps the right price is that Tiamat doesn’t come back here and the Red D’s that serve them don’t become too powerful and independent, or maybe it will take more like prestige and war loot, who knows? We won’t know unless we meet it, and if we don’t like where it’s going then we just never open it again (until maybe looong after Tiamat just to be humane and release the thing). That of course assumes that we survive the end lol. Any/all of you guys are invited to be present if we open it, or if you aren’t interested that’s cool too, but just know that Tim would have kept all of you in the loop on this idea and would listen to your feedback.
That is pretty much where Balefire is at with his thinking at this point, of course every action is DM and Big Universe willing so I have no idea if any of this will even work, but I will keep my d20’s at the ready just in case…


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